Panerai PAM00111 Luminor Marina Sandwich Dial vs Painted Dial

There are a few differences between the Panerai PAM00111 Luminor Marina since the release in 2002. In the pictures below I will point out the major differences between the PAM00111 starting with the "Sandwich Dial" on the left. This dial was produced produced in serial numbers H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O dating from 2005-2013. The "Painted" dial (on the right) was produced from production year 2002 - 2005 (E-F-G) is on the right.

Panerai PAM00111 (I) “Sandwich” Dial

Above is a picture of the PAM00111 Luminor Marina from 2005 or and (I) case number with a "sandwich" dial. The sandwich dial has run from approximately 2005 - 2013 (H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O) on the PAM111. The "sandwich" dial means that it has two different layers. The top matte finish which makes up the black parts of the dial and the layer of luminova underneath that glows in the dark.

Panerai PAM00111 (E) “Painted” Dial

The Luminous on the 111 2002-2005 (E-F-G) years pictured above is a "Painted" dial. This is is when the Luminous material is applied in a fashion that it is placed on top of the dial.

Panerai PAM00111 (I) “Sandwich” Dial

This image shows a little more detail of the step down into the luminous markers of the Sandwich dial.

Panerai PAM00111 (E) “Painted” Dial

With this side view of the Painted dial you can see how the luminous is "Painted" on and sits above the dial. An interesting fact of the Painted Panerai dials is that there is actually a slight indent or impression below the painted luminous material that gives it a good foundation. Almost like a trough. Some models of Panerai that have Painted dials that are only half full or 3/4 of the way full of luminova in the trough have become very collectible. I will post about the half full dials in the future.

Panerai PAM00111 (I) Movement OPXI vs PAM00111 (E) Movement OPX

These movements are both from the PAM00111 models. The left is the (I) serial from 2005 and the one on the right is from the (E) serial 2002. The movements are both based on the ETA 6497, a workhorse in the ETA movement family. It is a 17 jewel manual wind movement with a "Swan's Neck" Regulator with a 56 hour power reserve. The main difference in the two movements the movement on the right from the earlier years (E-F-G) 2002-2005 is the repeat in the Panerai name engraved across the movement multiple times.

So which watch is more collectible? At the moment not to many people know about these differences in the movement and the painted or sandwich dial. The greatest thing about OC Watch Company is we have the opportunity to share this information with our customers and readers. It really comes down to educating the customer on all that maybe available and finding what is the right fit for you. Not just what is for sale in the showcase. What we have in the showcase may not be the exact watch you are looking for. We have access to all Swiss watch manufacturers and would love to find the unique piece you are looking for. Come in to OC Watch Company located in Downtown Walnut Creek and let us help you find the right timepiece for you.

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