Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion Vintage Trans-Am Series at Laguna Seca 2015


These are a few pictures I shot at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion last year. A few of them are from the "Corkscrew" in turn 8 and 8a. In the first picture below you will see the 1969 Sunoco (Roger Penske) Chevrolet Camaro leading the 1970 (Bud Moore) Boss Mustang into the corkscrew turn at Laguna. The Camaro was originally run by Mark Donahue and the Boss Mustang was run by


The vintage Trans-Am series is by far my favorite group to watch on the track. In 2001 I worked for McGee Motorsports located behind turn 11 at Sears Point International Raceway in Sonoma CA. I had the pleasure of working on most of these cars while working there. My personal favorites of the Trans-Am series are the 1969 Penske Sunoco Camaro, #77 "Sublime" green Dodge Challenger and the 1970 #2 AMC Javelin.



Above is a short video of the Trans-Am Series race as they come up the Rahal Straight into the famous Corkscrew at Laguna Seca.


The video above is the engines being warmed up from the original 1968 - 1973 Trans-Am series race cars. Besides the occasional shake down test drive of these cars around Sears Point and Laguna Seca was getting the engines warmed up. Most people thing you just fire up a race car right away. But first you prime the oil system to make sure that the inside of the engine is properly coated with oil until you see a little oil poseur build up on the gauge. Then you can fire it up!

The red white and blue #2 car is the 1970 AMC Javelin and the orange one is the BOSS 302 Mustang.

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