Rolex Wednesday with the Rolex DeepSea SeaDweller on a Rubber B Strap

We chose the Rolex DeepSea Sea-Dweller for the first Rolex Wednesday. The new DSSD (DeepSea Sea-Dweller) has been highly criticized due to the bracelet tapering to the "Glidelock" clasp. A solution to this concern is installing a Rubber B Rubber strap on the DSSD. Ever since we started installing these straps on the DeepSea we have had nothing but compliments.
This is a head on shot of the DeepSea with the rubber strap. You can see how the strap sits to the outside of the lugs giving the head a more stable stance.
From the Helium Escape Valve side you can see the perfect contour of the strap to the case. Almost like it was made for it….
With this up close view of the case lug you can see the perfect fit and finish of this Rubber B strap on the DSSD.
The strap is supplied with a sturdy thick stainless steel buckle that follows the curves of the strap and ultimately the look of the original stainless steel glidelock clasp.
  We think Rubber B did an amazing job with the strap for the Rolex DeepSea Sea-Dweller and the full line of straps for the other Rolex models. We can't wait to see what Rubber B has in store for Panerai's that are scheduled to be released this fall. Please contact OC Watch Company if you have any further questions and we look forward to the next Rolex Wednesday!!
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