Tag Heuer Targa Florio Black Dial Chronograph CX2110 Review

The Tag Heuer Targa Florio Edition has a great story behind not only the heritage but the structure and design of the watch. In the early 2000's Tag Heuer released three re-edition models to their collection. The Targa Florio, Heuer Monaco (blue and white dial) and the Calibre 36 version of the Heuer Monza were the watches released as apart of this series.

The Targa Florio was a famous open road endurance race that was held in the mountains of Sicily near Palermo in southern Italy from 1906 through 1977 when the race was cancelled due to safety concerns. The race was approximately 45 miles in length and ran through the open mountain roads. The race was founded by car and racing enthusiast Vincenzo Florio, the Targa (plate or shield) was one of the most important races held in the early 1900's as it came before most of the modern era racing organizations like the FIA, NASCAR or INDY.

The first Targa Florio (Ref. CX2110) is a 2 register chronograph Calibre 17 (ETA 2894-2) marking the constant running seconds hand on the right side of the dial and the 30 minute timing register on the left. It has a date window at the 6 o'clock position as well. The dial is a matte black finish with large luminesent arabic numerals.

Some of the other unique styling on the Targa Florio is the domed Acrylic (plastic) crystal and the double coined bezel, oversized crown and rectangle chronograph pushers. These features along with the dial layout are actually based on an earlier Heuer Flieger watch from the 1930's. Very interesting as a Flieger (German for pilot) watch would have been used as a pilots watch and this watch is dedicated to a endurance road race.
The large crown would have been perfect as the military pilots and crew would have been wearing gloves and goggles as the war plane cabins were not pressurized and some having open side windows for .50 calibre machine guns. Imagine trying to set the time on your watch or even read the time at 250 mph with gloves and goggles on.
The double row coined bezel is one of my favorite parts of the styling on this timepiece. It gives a certain elegance to what you would normally look at as a sporty watch. The coined bezel also ties in with the heavy grooves of the winding crown. I think the curved rectangle pushers go perfectly with the lines of the case. For the record this is my personal watch that I have been wearing for the last month and I absolutely love wearing it. The Targa Florio is a great dedication to horology and racing. And this is my personal watch and not for sale...:)
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